Stephanie Perry, VP OF ENGG, Jessica Kelly, CEO , MobentITStephanie Perry, VP OF ENGG, Jessica Kelly, CEO
When it comes to the retail industry, there a lot of complexities in terms of security, Ecommerce, cloud management and more. In this sense, MobenIT provides the best IT services and Business Intelligence solutions. Due to digitalization, it becomes important for businesses to keep up with technology. MobentIT offer solutions which help business increase their productivity and also drive down their operational costs.

MobentIT is an organization that specializes in software development and business intelligence system integration. MobentIT's mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective IT solutions to customers all over the world. By providing high-quality technology solutions and effectively finishing projects on time, MobentIT has proved its ability to satisfy client needs. MobentIT focuses on solutions that enable IT professionals minimize costs, increase reliability, lessen management burdens, maximize flexibility, mitigate risk, and improve service with the right people and partners.

It is absolutely crucial for companies to have their own mobile apps, web and eCommerce, and cloud management to be a driving force in the industry. MobenIT develops top class mobile applications for both IOS and Android devices, and also offer services in app development, app management, app designing and app marketing. In order to drive greater traffic for any business, eCommerce web development is a necessity. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from MobentIT's eCommerce web design, plug-in, and module development services. MobentIt also offers quality assurance testing and chat bots to their clients which help in driving up productivity, improve business workflows and more importantly provides a combination of transformation models which give insight to the constantly changing technology landscape.

IT solutions are not the only provisions of MobentIT as they also offer real time solutions and security services. The demand for real time solutions has increased over the past few years and the increased internet traffic makes real time solutions and cyber security a necessity. MobentIT’s Security Center is a unified platform that combines IP (Internet Protocol) video surveillance, access management, and license plate recognition technologies into a single, user-friendly interface. All security operations are consolidated into a single interface, boosting situational awareness and giving users the ability to respond quickly to developing circumstances. MobentIT offers cloud video surveillance as part of their solutions as well. The cloud video surveillance allows users to view live and recorded videos and gives users a greater peace of mind and convenience knowing that their business is safe. The video is saved in the cloud, which helps in avoiding the sunk costs of storage devices and protects the recordings from hardware failure, theft, and vandalism. To discover incidents and see crucial occurrences, users can monitor numerous cameras, zoom in on locations of interest, and playback recorded footage. Cloud Video Surveillance's powerful video engine allows users to smoothly stream high-quality video while its intelligent chronology highlights when an activity has occurred, allowing you to quickly browse through your records.

MobentIT extends its services and solutions to retail, education, financial and government industries as well. Maintaining good customer/ client relationships is the cornerstone of MobentIT as a company. The future of MobentIT looks bright as their goal is to provide not only high-quality technology consulting services, but also a great value proposition. Their mission is to first discover clients' business objectives, and then work with them to achieve their objectives with the help of MobenIt’s experienced team of business and IT experts.