Ed Roberts, MD, TalysisEd Roberts, MD
While the importance of data is unequivocal, its explosion has made it complex, manual, and time-consuming to manage and turn into actionable insights. As a key partner for FMCG manufacturers and retail organisations, Talysis serves to help its clients optimise their application of retail data. The company provides a complete 360-degree view of retail data across all business functions, specialising in analysing and interpreting vast and disparate sources of data, making clients’ data “oven ready”. “Ours is not exclusively an IT or data job, but it's one of being pragmatic and retailcentric making life easier for our clients,” says Ed Roberts, MD of Talysis.

For its retail partners, Talysis’s thorough understanding of the complexities of a busy retail store ensures that it creates innovative data solutions, fit for purpose for key stakeholders whether they be store managers, sales reps, merchandisers or head office functions. The company enables clients to use their data in a completely seamless manner, pinpointing the things that need to change in a store or as part of their marketing, pricing or promotional activity. “Our data insights enable clients to streamline retail operations and make them more efficient to show a positive impact on sales,” he adds.

So, whilst their retail clients easily gain actionable insights from data to grow their core business in their outlets, the company is also assisting manufacturers and suppliers to access their sales data or speeding up data integration, ingestion, and insight from data collected from other sources.
“At the core, we help both retailers and suppliers to grow their businesses mutually,” says Roberts. By extracting data from the retailer and pushing it through its data factory, Talysis cleanses and modernises it to provide it to the supplier. They can then mutually work on innovations or initiatives to improve sales based on consumer or shopper trends, new product development, technical specifications, or more. “We become the conduit for taking the data from retailer to supplier and making it user friendly and easy to digest so they can both benefit from it,” remarks Roberts.

What’s more, Talysis also provides other data sources such as competitor pricing, promotional data, demographics and even weather to enrich the client’s data and provide a greater depth of insight into performance.

Ours is not an IT or data job, but being pragmatic and retail-centric to make life easier for our clients

With a goal to provide an invaluable depth of insight to clients, Talysis’s ambitious growth aspirations have seen the company devise a bold three-year growth program in which it is looking to take their FMCG learnings, systems and solutions into new territories including different geographies and channels. The company will also continue to evolve and expand its offering which includes the likes of its Data Revolution data automation service which saves busy executives a wealth of time and energy from manual data administration tasks. “Our aim is set on continuous evolution and providing greater benefits to the FMCG market and expanding these services into other sectors. We will continue to build on this momentum in the future,” signs off Roberts.