Yann de Saint Vaulry, CEO, DaxiumYann de Saint Vaulry, CEO
Over the last decade, as the eCommerce space boomed, the retail arena went through a wave of technology innovations to cope with the surge in consumer volumes. However, with the adoption of digitalized infrastructures and virtualized experiences came complexity in the form of data communication and stringent regulatory mandates. Today, the retail arena is ripe with innovative retail solutions that require extensive integration before they can effectively communicate with each other. The increased complexity combined with the resource-consuming required to maintain operational efficiencies is pushing even leading retailers to the verge of experiencing serious downtime. In light of this, the need of the hour is a solution capable of seamlessly consolidating data across disparate retailer information sources while remaining compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory sector.

Addressing this need with its revolutionary data management platform is France-based Daxium. The company’s Daxium-Air platform connects the CRM, ERP, POS, WMS, and HRIS data sources under a single pane of glass, which drives significant cost and time savings as well as better pricing. Concurrently, the platform offers specialised features for the development of customisable mobile applications, capabilities to share information with field teams and vice versa, and digital features such as eSignatures, task planning, dynamic maps, barcode scanning, NFC tags, and more.

Daxium was founded by experienced private shareholders, founders of successful companies and former directors of major French groups (former CEO of Alstom, former Chairman of AGF, and former CEO of Atos Euronext). Daxium’s strategic committee is made up of digital entrepreneurs like Nicolas Gagnez (SNV, then CEO of Mappy.com), Pascal Petit (co-founder of Net2S), and led by Yann de Saint Vaulry, Daxium Founding Director, who had previously co-founded the IDS group in digital carto and software GIS & GPS (best IPO 2001 on the Free Market). The company’s Daxium-Air solution has already been rewarded 9 times for its innovative character, and equips some 60 major accounts.
With users in morethan 45 countries and 3 agencies, Daxium-Air has become the go-to name in retail app development across the globe.

With such pedigree at the helm, Daxium has built its global footprint over the last two decades and today, with its Daxium-Air platform it is revolutionizing the way retail firms operate, from internal processes to overall supply chain operations. In fact, the data collected by the platform is centralized in a secure cloud-based ecosystem with a range of capabilities including data structuring and visualisation, edit reports in .doc, .xl, and .pdf formats, and more, powered by highly customisable dashboards. Above all, Daxium-Air facilitates communication with a client’s existing system to avoid data duplication and minimize manual operations. On the sales side, the platform can be used for training registration and qualitative performance follow-ups, market visits and competitive tracing, merchandising and distribution footprint, among others.

Since its inception in 2005, Daxium has ignited several success stories across Europe and the world at large. In one instance, the company assisted cosmetics giant L’Oreal’s Middle East division in maintaining efficient control across their diverse and expansive footprint across six countries. To help L’Oreal, Daxium helped develop their asset management application that allowed the collection of data directly from merchandisers, which alleviates pressure from commercial teams while remotely collecting critical sales data. Once the data is collected, a report is generated, which can seamlessly be shared with the finance division. Similarly, Daxium is helping other leading firms in the Middle East including Sephora, Parrot, and Esthederm.

Looking ahead, Daxium aims to capitalize on the rising opportunities in the realms of eCommerce and digital retail by being in lockstep with the latest advancements in the tech world as well as the compliance arena.